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Business cards and the shit

22nd July

We’ve founded Lust Industries in January 2012. So we’re a startup, right? YES. Do we work hard as startups should do? YES. Do we love what we do? YES. Do we work day and night, 24/7, to make our dreams come true? NOT REALLY. But yet our pace is high.

So actually there is time to have fun and to attend erotic fairs and exhibitions. And we will – in October. And what’s a must-have at fairs and exhibitions? BUSINESS CARDS! Even in times of make-everything-digital, printed business cards are awesome.

What do you think about our brand-new cards? Tell us! We’re fans of DIY and KISS so the design is rather simple and 100% self-made.

Who let the dogs out?

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13th March

Okay, okay, this is pretty much a double post since we’ve already blogged about these pics in our Radiostim dev blog. So what? The Lust Industries staff is pretty freaky and just loves all those tiny little features that make Google+ so great. Here are the pics again. And now everybody: Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who, who, who? (Maybe that guy with the gloriole?? Get lost, man!)

By the way… click here and check out all our pics on flickr!

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